"We can't stop the waves and turbulences of life,

but we can learn to enjoy the ride on the ocean of life"- Renate

Feel the pulse of your life....


Hi, I'm Renate and Who am I, you ask? 

Well, if we're to sit down to chat over a coffee or tea, you would learn that many years ago, I listened to my heart and set off on a journey to learn and teach a holistic approach to health and wellness, moving forward from the academic world and scientific approach to human performance.

This amazing voyage of discovery and learning has taken me across the globe, living and working with many different cultures. Ultimately I found an intriguing anchor place. The Maldives. I took a leap of faith and joined Duniye Spas, a leading health, spa & wellness management company,  as Co-Owner & CVO. Under my leadership, over the past fifteen years, Duniye Spas evolved to an internationally recognized, award-winning, business spread across thirteen islands in the Maldives.

" Feel the pulse of Your life - step out of your comfort into your OwnZone. That's where life is unfolding." - Renate

How I Can Help

In a nutshell:  I help people and organizations optimize and transform their Health, Wellbeing, and Performance. 


Duniye Spa was founded in the Maldives in 2002 by a group of International Resort Owners. In 2005, I was asked to join and lead the organization comprising seven Spas. Over the past fifteen years, we have expanded to the Seychelles and Sri Lanka, then focusing on operating soley in the Maldives, now with fifteen spas located on thirteen islands. 


With multiple International Awards over the years, both for individual Spas and for the Group, Duniye Spa is recognized as a leading Spa & Wellness operator and consultancy company in the Maldives.

The consistent high level guest rating, and numerous industry awards serves as a testament to the passion, capability, and experience of our multicultural team of some one hundred Health & Wellness practitioners.

The day to day application of Mindfulness, Wellbeing, and Nutrition amongst our team is a testament to the positive changes the approach I have developed for Duniye Spa can work for you.